Photo of Lucretia Lucretia Futrell

PhD Student
Human Sexuality

M.S. Counseling


Lucretia Futrrell is a betrayal trauma life coach for women who have been betrayed by their partner's sexual behaviors. One of Lucretia's main goals in life is to help women overcome the hurt and destructive thinking that can coincide with being in a relationship with someone involved in sexually addictive behaviors. She is a passionate voice that speaks out about the dangers of pornography and other sexually compulsive behaviors.

Lucretia received both a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Counseling from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is currently pursuing a doctorate's in human sexuality in order to advance her knowledge on how human sexuality affects relationships and to explore patterns that lead to addictive sexual behavior. She has extensive experience working with individuals involved in sex-related crimes as well as with individuals and families affected by harmful sexual behaviors. She is passionate about encouraging others who have found themselves in destructive sexual cycles, and strives to help women move forward and regain confidence after being betrayed by a partner's sexual indiscretion.

Lucretia's research interests include the benefits of sex education for couples, sexual addictions, and betrayal trauma. She intends to expand her role as a coach, motivator, educator, and author in the field of betrayal trauma research and sexual addictions.  Her website is here.

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