Photo of Judi Judi Passy

Human Sexuality

PhD, Human Sexuality; MS, Counseling


Judi Passy is a registered nurse. For the majority of her career she worked in the Emergency Department at University of California, Irvine. Currently, she is employed as a psychiatric nurse in a partial hospitalization program where she utilizes both her counseling and nursing skills. Additionally, she interns as a marriage and family therapist at the LGBT Center OC. Her service at this non-profit agency extends over ten years.

Judi has a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences from Chapman University. She earned a Master's of Science degree in Counseling at California State University, Fullerton. Upon graduation, she received the Sherrill Leshoe award for her potential as a MFT therapist.

The study and understanding of Human Sexuality and of the LGBTQ community has long been her passion. Her research throughout graduate school and beyond reflects her dedication to learning, educating, and advocating in this field. Participating in the Human Sexuality program both excites and motivates her. She enthusiastically anticipates both all that she will learn in this ever-changing field, and meeting new friends with common interests.

Judi is interested in various cultures and societies. She was drawn to this arena as a result of residing and working in Saudi Arabia. The opportunity to live in the Middle East enabled her to travel throughout the world exposing her to an array of ethnic and spiritual beliefs imbedded in numerous indigenous populations. This too she believes, will assist her in the program of Human Sexuality.

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