Emily Owens-Edington

PhD Student
Human Sexuality

Human Sexuality Department Community Building Fellow

Emily is a doctoral student at California Institute of Integral Studies in Human Sexuality. Her studies focus on comprehensive sexuality education in the United States and the need to be inclusive, affirming, and intersectional in all Health Education content. She has also been a Health Educator for the last 15 years in K-12, university, start-up, and corporate settings with a focus on content development that is applicable to all learners and all identities. Her current role as a Health Education Instructional Coach allows her the opportunity to provide educators across New York City with professional development experiences that increase student engagement through skills-based instruction. Emily also leads Health Ed professional learning communities where PreK-12 educators of Health, Physical Education, and Wellness professionals share their expertise and resources in an attempt to overcome the barriers of poverty, racism, environmental injustice, and in their school communities.

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