Colleen Schoenfeld

PhD Student
Human Sexuality


Colleen Schoenfeld (she/her/hers) is the founder and President of the Center for Equity Education. She was previously a Senior Investigator at the University of Michigan, investigating Discrimination and Harassment concerns as well as Sexual Misconduct concerns. Prior to that she was a Civil Rights Investigator at Central Michigan University. Colleen began her career in the United States Army from 2003-2015 where in addition to flying Apaches, she also served as a Unit Victim Advocate and unit trainer. She received her bachelor’s degree in German in 2006 from Eastern Illinois University and her master’s degree in Public Administration in 2018 from Central Michigan University and is a current PhD student at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Colleen is passionate about providing equity education to the underserved K-12 community and about making reforms to the military's handling of sexual misconduct. Colleen's focus area is studying Military Sexual Assault and how to prevent and address it.

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