Cecilia Garrison Human Sexuality Department Biography image Cecilia Garrison

PhD Student
Human Sexuality


"My name is Cecilia, or Ceci. I'm a genderqueer Virginia native from Shenandoah County, VA. I have a degree in Sociology from University of Lynchburg, and a Masters of Social Work from Florida Atlantic University. I previously worked just outside Boston, Massachusetts in a community mental health program for adults with severe and persistent mental illness, as well as as a crisis counselor. In Florida, I worked with a variety of community non-profits. I primarily worked with children in low socio-economic schools, piloting a restorative practices program in the school district. Additionally, I worked with a local LGBTQ mental health clinic to provide clinical support to transgender individuals undergoing medical transition, and to provide resources specifically for queer women. In Virginia, I worked with several domestic violence shelters, and co-founded and ran a support group for local LGBTQ+ individuals despite much local protest.

My current work studies the metronormatization of queer culture in America and the negative impact this has on queer people living in rural Appalachia, as well as the importance of comprehensive sexual education for rural communities.

I enjoy rock climbing, archery, and comic books. I've recently relocated to San Francisco where I live with my roommate and my adorable cat."

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