Program Requirements

A year of experience (a total of three semesters) is required working in an agency practicing expressive arts therapy with clients under the supervision of a CIIS faculty member who is both a licensed mental health professional and an expressive or creative arts therapist.

California MFT Requirements
The BBS requires a 15 hour workshop on Spousal Abuse to be completed prior to graduation (not included in tuition costs). The BBS also requires that you take the following before you apply for MFT licensure:
• Aging and Long Term Care (10 hour workshop)
• Child Abuse (7 hour workshop)
These are not required for your degree but you may wish to take them while at CIIS. If so please consult with your advisor. The costs of these workshops are not covered in your tuition.      

Personal Therapy
All students are required to complete fifty hours of individual psychotherapy with a mental health professional who is also an expressive or creative arts therapist. The cost of personal psychotherapy is not included in tuition costs and these fifty hours must be completed before advancing to practicum. The program maintains a therapist referral book. 

Ongoing Arts Practice
By the summer of their first year, students are required to be engaged in an ongoing practice in an arts modality of their choice, which continues until the end of their program. To encourage depth of involvement, students are required to complete at least one year of this time in one modality. This arts practice may involve taking instruction in a class or with a mentor, and involves acquiring the appropriate materials and having access to sufficient space to work with them. (not included in tuition costs)

Integrative Project
Toward the end of their third year, all students prepare and present a summary of their own personal journey through expressive arts therapy and the program, a final art project, a case study summarizing their expressive arts therapy work with a client, and an academic paper presenting their own approach to expressive arts therapy.

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