Photo of Charlie Forbes Charlie Forbes

PhD Student
Ecology, Spirituality, and Religion

Charlie Forbes is a writer, environmentalist, and food enthusiast. He received his BS in biology from Rhodes College, where he also worked as a TA for the geology department. During his time at Rhodes College, Charlie was granted a Campus Ecology Fellowship by the National Wildlife Federation to conduct research on, and implement, working renewable energy infrastructures on campus. He was subsequently selected to be an environmental resident, which was an appointed position focused on campus-wide policy decisions impacting the environment. Many of these experiences prepared Charlie for similar work in later years on Capitol Hill as an executive fellow with the Office of the Governor of California.

Charlie came to CIIS with a passion for the emerging field of ecology and religion, evolving out of a deep concern for the state of our current agricultural practices and food production systems, which he believes to be in need of great help. His future aspirations are to enact effecting and lasting change to these infrastructures by way of foodways preservation models, ecological conservation initiatives, and various community empowerment programs. Charlie hopes to develop innovative strategies for the implementation of solutions that restore balance to the vulnerable—yet vital—elements of our planet that have become threatened by a fast-changing world.

At CIIS, Charlie intends to become more keenly aware of his strengths and weaknesses as a leader. He hopes to leverage these insights during his time at the University so that he can more aptly guide his passions into a focused and constructive direction. Ultimately, a better understanding of leadership qualities and philosophies will maximize his potential and help Charlie to realize his dreams and true purpose in a professional capacity.

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