The Religion and Ecology Summit is an annual, one-day conference hosted by our program. It features presentations and dialogue between leaders of environmental organizations and practitioners, as well as faculty and students of religious studies, philosophy, and theology. The inaguration of the summit established CIIS as a global leader in thinking and activism inspired by the interdisciplinary conversation between the sciences and humanities.

The collaborative effort of the summit aims to imagine ways to weave ecological concerns into education at all levels, with special emphasis on the divinity and philosophy programs. It likewise challenges narratives of scientific neutrality and instead explores ways of integrating spiritual perspectives and values into the practice of science as well as environmental protection and activism.

Our program and the Religion and Ecology Summit are in close association with the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology. Co-founder of the forum and Yale professor Mary Evelyn-Tucker has appeared and presented every year for the summit.

Many conferences have followed in wake of the Religion and Ecology Summit, fulfulling part of its mission to stimulate scholarly activity in the academic comingling of the sciences and humanities, especially in the Bay Area. It has also and continues to bolster the professional development of local professionals and students of CIIS—particularly those of our program.

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