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Applied Psychology M.A. in China


The MAP degree has a different application process than CIIS’ other academic programs. Details of our unique approach are available below. 

  • Students entering the MAAP programs speak fluent Mandarin and have an interest in psychology, and specifically in applying psychological theory to a professional context. Ideal fits for the program include those who are planning to contribute to related fields after graduation. Students who are currently involved in psychology-related education or careers are especially encouraged to apply.

  • Yes, or an equivalent B.A. or B.S. degree. 

  • Graduates from the MAAP program generally continue working in their established fields as coaches, psychotherapists, social workers, psychologists, counselors, consultants, activists, organizers, leaders, teachers, researchers, nurses, physicians, or lawyers, or in fields related to personal development. The entrepreneurially inclined may want to explore consulting, writing, public speaking, or workshop facilitation. Others may choose to go into academic teaching, research and publication. 

  • No, it is currently only offered online at this time. We do offer optional meetups for students, advisors, and faculty at periodic intervals, however, to provide a sense of community and professional networking. These are entirely optional. 

  • Yes, the program is available for both full-time and part-time students and is structured in a way that is workable for parents and working professional

  • The M.A. program accepts applications on a rolling basis. It is highly recommended that you submit all application materials by the priority deadline for each semester to ensure that your application is considered: 

    • Fall deadline: May 1 
    • Spring deadline: September 1 
    • Summer deadline: February 1

    Applications are accepted after the posted deadline on a space-available basis.  After all application materials have been received, the applicant’s file is forwarded to the MAAP Admissions Committee. An interview follows for those who are under further consideration, and thereafter we respond to all applicants with a final decision within two to four weeks.