Commencement 2023

Applied Psychology M.A. in China

The M.A. 

Applying to the Applied Psychology M.A. in China Program  

The Applied Psychology M.A. in China program is a highly selective degree designed to propel Mandarin-speaking students into a new stage in their careers. Our ideal applicants have a vision compatible with the program’s mission; a path of personal growth and/or spiritual growth; sufficient maturity and stability to pursue independent self-inquiry and sustained research; competence in communication and dialogical skills; demonstration of respect for a diversity of viewpoints; an openness to multiple ways of knowing and whole-person learning; the ability to clearly articulate educational, professional, and research goals; outstanding scholarly writing skills; and a prospective specialization that is consonant with the program’s mission and faculty expertise.

This degree can be completed within two years entirely online. Most activities can be completed asynchronously, meaning that students can complete the activities and lectures as they have time within the semester.