CIIS and Zijing Education Group in China are proud to offer a new degree: the online Master of Arts in Applied Psychology, taught exclusively in Mandarin. This transformative and rigorous degree program offers a coherent overview and exploration of the most important areas of psychological development, including problem areas and aspects of healing and growth.   

It features a whole-person, integral psychology approach that involves the body, mind, and spirit; and its methodology includes not only lectures and theory but also applied experiential learning. Graduates develop their applied skills in order to or use them in work with individuals, couples, families, or groups, or in leadership contexts.   

This degree can be completed within two years entirely online and in Mandarin. Most activities can be completed asynchronously, meaning that students can complete the activities and lectures as they have time within the semester.   

Learning Objectives 

This program is designed to provide knowledge, skills, and values to apply in an ethical and competent practice of coaching in a variety of contexts to address a wide range of social and psychological issues. Program learning objectives are as follows: 


  • Demonstrate knowledge of human development theory, sexual health, family dynamics, group process, and the principles of leadership development. 
  • Understand models of subclinical levels of problematic behavior and relationship dynamics, including trauma.  

Coaching and Leadership Development Skills 

  • Demonstrate the ability to structure a coaching relationship, including note-taking, fee setting, and framing the relationship. 
  • Utilize alliance-building techniques, active listening, change-oriented and acceptance-oriented techniques toward client goals. 
  • Demonstrate competent use of several applied interventions, including but not limited to: narrative methods, expressive arts, role-play, group facilitation, drama therapy techniques, movement, motivational interviewing, guided imagery, thought logs, and somatic approaches. 
  • Manage the selfincluding one’s sensations, reactions, attitudes, emotions, and other aspects of one’s experience of the self in professional relationships. 


  • Appreciate diverse experiences and identities. 
  • Adopt a whole-person integral view of psychologybody, mind, spirit. 
  • Assume an ethical stance and professional practice of applied psychology and coaching.   

Mastery of these program learning objectives will be demonstrated through passing scores on a final exam and through adequate performance on the capstone project, as well as passing grades for all coursework.    

Career Outcomes 

This program is designed to help advance the careers of professionals in coaching, leadership, HR, consulting, counseling, group facilitation, education, psychology research, theory development, and writing. We fully expect our graduates to find successful application in private practice or in companies and nonprofit organizations.  In addition, many may wish to go on to become licensed in counseling and are free to pursue volunteer, training and internship opportunities in China or where ever they may call home in order to fulfill this portion of their clinical skill development. 

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