Sara Acevedo, graduate from the online doctorate program in Anthropology and Social Change at CIIS, which focused on social justice and poscapitalistic cultures Sara Acevedo

PhD Graduate
Anthropology and Social Change

I will always be indebted to the Anthropology and Social Change (ANTH) program for having ignited in me a passion for emergent, nomadic spaces of encounter. I often wonder : “where else would I have felt as free and supported in pursuing my passion for Disability Studies in Anthropology”? The answer is always, “nowhere”. It was a great pleasure to grow as a doctoral student in collaboration with fellow students and faculty and to be an active witness and accomplice of the department’s inception. Projects such as the Emergency Library, which I was lucky to spearhead with the unwavering support of PM Press and my colleagues in various disciplines (including Disability Studies scholars who donated their own books to the project), the Nomad Café, and what used to be Area5 were all most generative and fascinating aspects of my development as a scholar-activist. I also had the opportunity to act as a co-conspirator with other initiates for sustainable transformation  at CIIS and beyond. I remember our gatherings at Insight/Incite Cinema nights and our visits to the warehouse of AK Press in Oakland very fondly. Beyond that, I am forever grateful for having had the chance to meet and work with people such as Staughton and Mary Lynd as well Bill and Mary Radcliffe with the Bayview Black National Newspaper as we worked with the Prisoner Solidarity Project.  I also got to help organize and enjoy wonderful sessions with Silvia Federici, John Holloway, John Clark, Eddy Yuen, Peter Linebaugh and the late David Graber as well as Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui (and many others to list here). Those were times where it felt like everything was possible; when we allowed ourselves to dream and dream big as we imagined multiple possible futures in the classroom and in solidarity with our communities of struggle. Last but never least, I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to learn alongside Targol, Andrej, and Mutombo—what a stellar line up of excellent educators and activists. Thank you, ANTH!

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