Lucia de la Fuente, graduate from the PhD in Anthropology and Social Change, which focuses on exploring postcapitalist cultures and prefigurative practices. Lucia de la Fuente

PhD Graduate
Anthropology and Social Change

Lucía de la Fuente, MA in International Studies, and PhD in Anthropology and Social Change, works as the Program Manager at GRIP Training Institute | Insight-Out, a Bay Area nonprofit organization that serves incarcerated men in California state prisons by providing a trauma-informed and restorative justice-based rehabilitation program. De la Fuente started working with Latino and Chicano communities behind bars seven years ago, while doing her course work in the Anthropology department. For the past decade, she has focused on prison reform advocacy and activism, and her work focuses on fighting for equal distribution and access to legal, human, civil, and social resources, regardless one’s citizenship status, ethnicity, country of origin, gender, sexual orientation, level of education, economic situation, and spiritual practice.

Testimonial About the Anthropology department:

It was through the Anthropology department that I developed important relationships with communities and activists working on social justice issues. The department constantly brought guest speakers relevant to students' work and fields of research. I couldn't have done the research and work I did without the support of the ANTH faculty and students.

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