Eileene Tejada

PhD Student
Anthropology and Social Change

I'm a professor, a writer, and a mom. Having raised a family and still enjoying twenty-five years of teaching at a community college, I write about my family history. I want my writing to reflect a nuanced understanding of the life experience that constitutes my family which had its origins under colonialism in the Caribbean. To achieve this goal, I chose a doctoral program that would challenge me intellectually and also value my life experiences. I am glad I selected the Anthropology and Social Change program at CIIS because it has far exceeded my expectations. There is no fragmented learning at CIIS. Mine is a program that broadens the worldview of its students by moving us beyond the conventional academic viewpoints, into new theories and practices grounded in real world contexts and events. The course content has been well-integrated that a graceful, highly skilled dovetailing of the curricula becomes apparent. Most importantly my professors are caring and demonstrate in many ways how invested they are in my success. It is a program I would highly recommend to anyone seeking to be refined by such a challenge.

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