David Escobar David Escobar

PhD student
Anthropology and Social Change

I currently work as an administrative aide to one of the local county board of supervisors in the North Bay of San Francisco, and have also been a social equity and indigenous activist for over 30 years. I am a single father of two children and call the East Bay my home. I chose the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) as a place to achieve both my own academic and professional development for its progressive and "out of the box" curriculum. The doctoral program that I have chosen is Anthropology and Social Change, while anthropology has had controversial views within the indigenous communities of the Americas, as an indigenous person I find that it not only challenges the academy of anthropology but also begins to move to change its current formulation along with incorporating participatory research and social change as part of its fundamental core values. This level of conscious praxis not only begins to address 500 years of colonization but moves and attempts to eradicate it. Both professors and CIIS staff are helpful and attentive to most needs of students, especially working professionals as myself. My values and life experiences are taken into account and respected. I would recommend the doctoral program for anyone who is willing to meet the academic challenges and for those trying to change the world. Shampanayan (Thank you).

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