What is Transformation at CIIS?

This is the new commitment to anti-racist work at CIIS which is shared by all, starting with us, and is intentionally and strategically moving our university toward systemic change that will address racial inequities, systemic racism, and entrenched white supremacy. CIIS has stood on laudable values in its fifty-one years as a University, and this work is a natural progression of a truly integral ethos and stance in the world of higher education. We stand together in this effort, and ODI enjoys the full support of the administration. We will work tirelessly together to ensure that we are doing everything we can to become a truly inclusive, equitable, and anti-racist institution. It is incumbent upon us all to seize this moment in our nation's history and propel CIIS to the cutting edge of equity, diversity, inclusion, and social justice, just as it has been a leader in contemplative and integral studies. We can do this, CIIS! In this page you will find anti-racist events and initiatives as well as updates on what is being done concretely to address systemic racism at CIIS. If you have any comments or want to collaborate with us, please email us at transformation@ciis.edu. If you would like to send an anonymous message, please visit ODI's MYCIIS page and use the form provided. 


ODI, in collaboration with staff, faculty, and students will be offering a year-long series of Teach-Ins whcih will focus on anti-racist pedagogies, psychology, activism, and ideologies. The purpuse of these Teach-Ins is to have a concentrated and ongoing dialogue about the importance of uprooting racism from our classrooms, administrative policies, and decision making processes by the way in which we enact and choose anti-racist decisions and actions. 

Conversations on Transformation

ODI Program Assistant, V Pham sits down with members of our community to explore their journeys toward antiracism, their inspirations, and their challenges in the work of transforming themselves and their work.

We are in the process of migrating our video archive to a new internal platform, please stay tuned. For more information, please contact: frestrepo@ciis.edu

Visit ODI on MYCIIS for resources and links on equity, social justice, and anti-racism.


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