The Black Psychology Project at CIIS (BPP@CIIS) is an African-centered workshop series and leadership development program that focuses on African ancestry students (with inclusion of the broader CIIS community). The BPP@CIIS raises awareness of and support for Black Psychology as a field of study and for its application and practice in one’s life work (personally and professionally). A unique aspect of the project is the use of an African-centered leadership development and knowledge transfer praxis called Jegnaship. Jegnaship is a relational African-centered intentionally guided development process for intergenerational knowing and knowledge transfer which engages in a mutual co-learning approach (Deterville, 2020). The Jegnaship process will facilitate the sustainability of the project each academic year as new cohorts and project alumni are engaged as participants. 

BPP Programming 

Two-Tiers of Participation 

  • Jegnaship Cohort: African ancestry students enrolled in psychology programs or members of the Black Student Union.   
  • CIIS Community: All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to attend the workshop series.  

Project Objectives

  • To enhance the integral education learning experiences of African ancestry students and the CIIS community by increasing knowledge and awareness of Black Psychology as a field of study and its application and practice. 
  • To establish a Peer-Jegnaship Cohort of students of African ancestry enrolled in psychology programs or members of the Black Student Union. This Peer-Jegnaship Cohort will improve student retention and aid in the long-term stability of the Black Psychology Project.  
  • To establish an Alumni Jegnaship Cohort of African ancestry alumni from psychology programs or past members of the Black Student Union (and previous Black student groups). The Alumni Jegnaship Cohort will aid in the long-term stability of the Black Psychology Project by providing early career development support and improving new student recruitment. 
  • To offer a series workshops in Black Psychology over an academic year to explore Black Psychology and other African-Centered wellness practices, both from a professional context as well as an informal, community-based context.  This will strengthen the social and educational foundations and provide support for the idea of Black individuals entering mental health careers. 
  • To continue to move CIIS towards being an anti-racism institution by expanding the epistemological frame to one that takes an emic approach to psycho-spiritual wellness via African-rooted theories which advance African views, values, and symbolism as restorative praxis. 

Contact the BPP@CIIS

If you would like to learn more about the BPP, you can reach out to La Tronda Lumpkins or Ahsabi-Monique Burris via email. Email the team at BPP@CIIS.EDU 

La Tronda Lumpkins, MSW, MBA

  • Project Assistant, Black Psychology Project at CIIS (BPP@CIIS)
  • Doctorate Student, Integral & Transpersonal Psychology

Ahsabi-Monique Burris

  • Student Assistant, Black Psychology Project at CIIS

Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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