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August 2019

August 29 On Feminism's Fourth Wave with Alka Arora
August 31-September 1 Holotropic Breathwork: The Inner Journey with Stan Grof, Brigitte Grof, and Stacia Butterfield

September 2019

September 7-8 Ceremony & Teaching with Emahό
September 12 Adventures in the War Against Reality with Peter Pomersantsev
September 19 On Art, Identity, and Belonging with Rupy Tut
September 20 On Psychedelic Medicines with Dennis McKenna
September 21 Exploring Psychedelics and Ethnopharmacology with Dennis McKenna
September 25 On Creativity, Empathy, and Resiliency with Mari Andrew
September 28-29 The Body Keeps Score with Bessel van der Kolk

October 2019

October 1 On the Power of Unplugging with Tiffany Shlain
October 3 How to Use Tarot of Self-Transformation with Meg Hayertz
October 5 Ignite Your Intuition with Judith Orloff
October 10 An Evening of Mushroom Lore with Lawrence Millman
October 16 A New Vision for Mindful Masculinity with Liz Plank
October 18 Psychedelics and Social Justice with Nicholas Powers
October 19 Exploring Psychedelics and Creativity with Nicholas Powers
October 21 How to Have Difficult Conversations with Daniel Ellenberg
October 23 On Personal Transformation with Shaman Durek
October 24 For Small Creatures Such As We with Sasha Sagan

November 2019

November 2 Understanding Your Triggers with David Richo
November 3 Exploring Mindful Communication with Oren J Sofer
November 5 Musings of a Fat, Black Muslim with Leah Vernon
November 6 How to Build Your Emotional Intelligence with Kelly Werner
November 9-10 Meditating with Zen Stories and Myths with John Tarrant
November 13 How to Date Mindfully with Maryanne Comaroto
November 14 Decoding Sacred Geometry in Indian Art with Mesma Belsaré
November 16-17 Building Community Through Restorative Justice with Ashlee George
November 19 On Somatics and Social Justice with Staci Haines
November 21 On Activism and the Future of America with Dolores Huerta

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