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February 2020

February 1 Building Successful Conversations with Daniel Ellenberg
February 10 On Becoming a Man with P. Carl and Michelle Marzullo
February 12 On Healing Resistance with Kazu Haga and Sonya Shah
February 15-16 Drinking from the River of Light with Mark Nepo
February 22 Healing Shame with Sheila Rubin
February 26 How to Develop Your Psychic and Intuitive Awareness with Sâde Gryffin
February 29 Exploring Dreams and the World Inside You with Craig Chalquist

March 2020

March 1 A Day of Sound Healing with Melissa Felsenstein
March 4 The Future of Food with Larissa Zimberoff and Julie Guthman
March 6 LSD and the Mind of the Universe with Chris Bache and Gisele Fernandes
March 7 Psychedelics and the Living Universe with Chris Bache
March 11 On the Nature of Consciousness with Riccardo Manzotti and Matt Segall
March 12 On Hood Feminism with Mikki Kendall and Danielle Drake
March 13 On Astrology and Real Relationships with Jessica Lanyadoo and Lilia Leshan
March 18 Art in the Digital Age with Rhonda Holberton and Ceci Moss
March 19 From Eco-Anxiety to Eco-Resilience with Craig Chalquist
March 25 How to Practice Ayurveda for Self-Care with Megan Lipsett

April 2020

April 1 On Psychedelics and Spirituality with Francois Bourzat and Andrew Jasko
April 2 Geoengineering and the Future with Thomas Kostigen and Kat Snow
April 4 Finding Wholeness through Neuroscience and Narrative with Joan Borysenko
April 16 On Sex and Tech with Michelle Marzullo
April 17 On Healing the Trauma of Colonialization with Sherri Mitchell and Roger Kuhn
April 18-19 Indigenous Wisdom for Healing Collective Trauma with Sherri Mitchell
April 22 On Gender and Neurodiversity with Jenara Nerenberg
April 23 Feminism and the Language of Oppression with Taz Ahmed 
April 25-26 Mindfulness in Sexuality and Intimacy with Kai Wu
April 29 How to be Resilient in Challenging Times with René Dumetz

May 2020

May 9 Exploring Design Thinking for Well-Being with Yingzhao Liu
May 15 On Healing Collective Trauma with Thomas Hübl and Brian Swimme
May 16-17 Healing Collective Trauma with Thomas Hübl 
May 21 Lessons for Women of Color on the Rise with Cecilia Muñoz 

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