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May 2019

May 2 Disability and Biotechnology with George Estreich and Osagie K. Obasogie
May 8 Philosophy in a Time of Crisis with Jacob Sherman
May 11 Processing Grief and Loss with Helge Osterhold
May 16 Change Your Story, Change Your Life with Erica Williams Simon

June 2019

June 6 Enneagram for Millenials with Hannah Paasch and Kayleigh Martin
June 18 An Immigrant's Manifesto with Suketu Mehta and Jyoti Rao
June 19 Design Thinking for Well-Being with Aneel Chima, Yingzhao Liu, and Mikey Siegel
June 20 A Feminist Guide to Taking Back Language with Amanda Montell and Kim Tran
June 21-24 EFT Tapping Professional Training with Dawson Church
June 26 On Consciousness and the Mystery of the Mind with Annaka Harris and Rob Reid
June 27 Brown, White, Black with Nishta J. Mehra and Daniela Koenig

July 2019

July 11 Mindfulness Practices for Real Life with Tim Desmond with Megan Lipsett
July 13 Medical Intuition for Self-Healing with Wendie Colter
July 27-28 The TARA Approach for Healing Trauma and Shock with Stephanie Mines

August 2019

August 29 On Feminism's Fourth Wave with Alka Arora
August 31-September 1 Holotropic Breathwork: The Inner Journey with Stan Grof, Brigitte Grof, and Stacia Butterfield

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