Student Testimonials

“The learning experience in this Certificate program has been transformative. I have learned so much about myself, the field of psychotherapy and sex therapy. This program was absolutely amazing and motivates me to further my career even more.” - Fall 2022

“I really appreciated how intersectionality and diversity was woven into every aspect of the training.” - Fall 2022.

“This certificate program is one of the more inclusive environments I have been in, in terms of having POC, queer and non-binary/trans people in the room teaching and attending.” - Fall 2022

“The Sex Therapy Certificate opened my eyes to so much more than just what I thought I knew. My comfort zones were expanded and my biases were challenged. Every weekend, I left mind-blown and eager to know more. To be a part of this program that made challenging topics safe and thought provoking and to have such an amazing cohort was everything I needed to be a quality sex therapist.” - Fall 2022

“This training was so deeply impactful to me not only as a therapist but as a person. It has expanded my worldview and deepened my capacity to access compassion and identify areas of discomfort I was not aware I had before.” - Fall 2022

“All the instructors were very knowledgeable on the subjects and theories presented; however, I really admired how approachable, open-hearted and humbled these experts were with the material and interactions with the students.” - Spring 2022

“This program and the professors provided me with the education, tools, and experience that I felt was missing from my practice. This program provided me the opportunity to create a supportive community with my cohort and the professors. This was a great professional and personal journey.” - Spring 2022

“I sought out this course because I felt underprepared to discuss sex with my clients, and I can confidently say that I no longer feel this way. More than just the information I learned over these weekends, I now have many areas to dive deeper into in the coming year.” - Spring 2022

“The CIIS program chartered my voyage of exploration in the world of sexuality and sex work. The content covered in this program will enhance every helping professional's career with unimaginable rewards!” - Spring 2021

“This is the curriculum I wish was taught in graduate school. It filled so many gaps as to how to work with client sexual concerns. Very practical and immediately applicable. A surprise was connecting with an amazing group of clinicians with whom I am happy to stay connected!” -  Spring 2021

“Even on zoom and with the training spaced out and the instructors changing, the group managed to truly find intimacy and support in venturing into a field full of inspiration and support. I LOVED the diversity of instructors and the quality of leadership. So grateful!” - Spring 2021

“This program is everything I thought it would be plus more. The Sex Therapy certificate and teachings have helped me understand myself and other sexualities on a deeper level. As a therapist that will be working with LGBTQIA+ and POC, I was able to get some tools, great insights and reflections that will help inform my work and approach.” - Fall 2020

“The SAR was a great experience. All of the courses were engaging and helpful. I learned a lot over my time in the sex therapy certification courses, and was able to start applying what I learned to my clinical work immediately.” - Fall 2020

“The quality of the instructors is impressive and the support staff was amazing. I always felt supported, understood, and they have been open and encourage feedback. I would highly recommend the program and CIIS to anyone that asked.” - Fall 2020

"The CIIS Sex Therapy Certification program promised the challenge of professional and personal growth, and it delivered. I came away from the program with a wealth of knowledge immediately applicable to my practice with clients. I gained a cohort of peers I can call on and collaborate with in taking the learning even further. I also gained skills and insight I've been able to put into practice in my own relationship. By choosing to take this course of study, there is no doubt I have opened up a door of courage in my own heart that I didn't know was there that will continue to enlarge my experiences for years to come. And as a therapist, I've stepped into a place where Eros, and the spectrum of authentic sensual pleasures can be valued as life force, and held as worthy therapeutic goals." - Spring 2020

"The program allowed my cohort to create a Facebook group where we post interesting articles and videos. We as a cohort created a google doc of great resources, we created a month consultation group to talk about clients with colleagues and once a month book club to read Sex Therapy books. Without this course, I wouldn’t have been able to connect with so many other colleagues regarding the Sex Therapy field. Great course with great educators."- Spring 2020

"It is incredible to watch Zoe and Walt in action teaching about sex therapy. I loved the guest speakers and that the SAR focused so much on intersectionality. I am looking forward to taking what I have learned from this experience and putting it into my practice." - Spring 2020

“I spent a long time figuring out how to increase my competency in working with couples around sex. This is a fantastic program from which I gained techniques and understandings I could use immediately in my practice. All of the instructors were top notch. I can't recommend it enough.”
- Fall 2019

“One of the things that really stuck out to me is the emphasis on being able to have safe vulnerable discussions throughout the weekends. I feel as though my cohort was able to be vulnerable and have important discussions which impacted our ability to learn and grow together throughout the in person lectures. I would absolutely recommend this program to my colleagues. One of the great bonuses is that it's in San Francisco, where the sexual revolution began!”
- Fall 2019

“This rare certificate program provides a solid base for any therapist wanting to become a sex therapist.” - Fall 2018

“The Sex Therapy Certificate program is phenomenal. It has enlightened me personally and professionally. The diversity of the content, demonstrations and the speakers make it obvious that [the Sex Therapy Certificate team] has done their homework! Congrats and thank you again for allowing me to be a part of your success.” - Fall 2018

“Not only was the education great but I built so many amazing relationships with colleagues that continue to grow.” - Fall 2018

"One thing I was struck with after being licensed for almost 15 years, is how little my Master's program provided, and prepared me for, in the realm of sex and sexuality.  As a therapist, I believe the value of this knowledge in our work with clients is critical and relevant to all who seek our support, regardless of the ‘presenting problem.’  The Sex Therapy Certificate program at CIIS offered a valuable foundation to my work with clients around the topics of sex and sexuality. I especially appreciated the program's efforts to align the coursework with AASECT (American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists) certification requirements for Sex Therapists, which provided a smoother path to pursing AASECT certification.  One highlight of the program was the opportunity to expand my network with other therapists in the Bay Area, and deepen my community therein.  Another was participating in the SAR (Sexual Attitude Reassessment) seminar, which I believe would be beneficial for any therapist.  Whether it's working with parents to develop their practices for sex positive parenting, or teens and their sexual identity development, or adults exploring their sexual health and intimacy experiences, this program guides the way." - Spring 2017

“I took part in the CIIS Sex Therapy Certificate program as an almost 40 year practicing Psychologist. I appreciated that it utilized innovative and forward- thinking faculty, and that there was remarkable diversity on any number of dimensions amongst them as well as our cohort. CIIS was the only place that I knew of that allowed acquisition of all the necessary AASECT- Required credits within a very short time frame.” - Fall 2017

“I loved the in-person training and the experience we got from phenomenal teachers. Has helped my work tremendously.” - Fall 2017

“This course allows for students and newer clinicians to collaborate with more experienced clinicians in the field and across the US. Therapy students are given only one unit of Human Sexuality education, so this learning process was vital for my career and future clients. I was able to expand my knowledge on more subverted topics such as sex work, sexual minorities, and articulating my own positionalities.” - Spring 2017

“I learned so much from my professors, but even more from my peers. I felt alive, excited, and challenged to be discussing such relevant issues that are largely overlooked in therapy.”
- Fall 2017

“The program provided clear understanding of topics and skills central to practice of sex therapy as well as cutting edge and well organized research information.” - Fall 2017

Program Lead and Instructor Testimonials
Learn more about the Sex Therapy Certificate Instructors.

Zoe Sipe, Program Lead and Instructor 
“The CIIS program represents the much needed direction toward integrating sex therapy as a natural part of the therapeutic experience. Our students’ commitment to providing transformative care in the many domains of sexuality is truly inspiring!”

Walter Sipe, Instructor
"Far more than accumulating information or mastering specific therapeutics techniques, I believe the essential quality for growth as a therapist is continually embodying one's own therapeutic stance. With regard to working with sexual issues, this includes the capacity to hold paradox and approaching our clients’ and patients’ (and our own) sexual journey with curiosity and humility.” 

Bianca Laureano, Instructor
“The CIIS Sex Therapy program is one of the first to invest in and go beyond diversity and inclusion and to do the work of justice. At the CIIS program students are challenged as human beings to reflect and invest in the life-long process of healing justice, understanding body autonomy, recognizing wholeness, and the power of a community of practice invested in similar outcomes for us all. Imagining what a sex therapy program for the future of sex therapy may be, the CIIS program is actively creating opportunities to train future sex therapists for the world we have inherited.”

Tammy Nelson, Instructor
“As a faculty instructor of the CIIS Sex Therapy program, and an experienced clinician in the field, I can tell you that students are receiving the best education available when they attend this program. CIIS offers the top experts in the field, with diverse topics and the flexibility of a hybrid program.  CIIS makes this certificate program accessible, interesting, and applicable to students at every level.  Participants will connect with their instructors directly, bond with their cohort, open their minds to new ways of thinking and stretch into their clinical and academic potential.” - Tammy Nelson

Heather Howard, Instructor
"The instructors and students are top-notch, and I'm honored to be part of this well-rounded sex therapy certificate program that is equipping a new generation of therapists with practical tools to help their patients with sexual concerns.  I love teaching the dynamic and cutting edge course on Sexual Pleasure, Intimacy and Ergoerotics to therapists who can apply these tools with clients the very next day.  The Ergoerotics section focuses on unique approaches and resources to promote sexual comfort, which is crucial for people with health challenges and for all people as their bodies change and age; the pleasure and intimacy session moves beyond problem management to pleasure, enjoyment, joy and intimacy, which are rarely addressed by our classic medical model that focuses on becoming free of pain, problems and "dysfunctions."  Co-teaching the pleasure and intimacy section with guest lecturers who specialize in partner engagement and erotic trance is a highlight for our students and for me, as our guests share approaches we can all adapt in our own clinics."

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