Human Sexuality

South Bay Practicum Partners

College of San Mateo, Personal Counseling and Wellness Services

Keywordsschool-based, young adults

  • Website
  • Application Deadline: Early March
  • Application Requirements: Resume and cover letter. An interview will be conducted via Zoom.
  • When do you accept/onboard new trainees? Fall (Aug/Sept)
  • Best point of contact for inquiries: Makiko Ueda, MFT, clinical supervisor/counselor,
  • Additional Information: We are looking for trainees/interns who are passionate about working with community college students with disadvantaged and underserved background.
  • AttachmentsAnnouncement of Internship and Practicum Openings

CORA Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse


  • Website
  • Application Deadline: End of March
  • Application Requirements: To Apply, please fill out this Application It's also located on the CORA website at the bottom of the "Employment" section of the "About" tab. Clicking on "Clinical Mental Health Internships" will take you to the application form. A full summary of the internship and detailed requirements are located at the top of the application form. There is a section to attach your resume at the bottom of the application. After the application is reviewed, there is an opportunity to be interviewed at least once. 
  • When do you accept/onboard new trainees? Fall (Aug/Sept)
  • Best point of contact for inquiries: Joan Pezanoski, Clinical Supervisor,
  • Additional Information: It is required to complete the state mandated 40-hr domestic violence training, which will be provided by or arranged by CORA. Additionally, every CORA trainee can receive both weekends of the basic training in EMDR therapy provided by the EMDR Institute and is highly encouraged to use this training with clients. Trainees receive individual and group supervision. The mandatory group supervision is held firmly on Thursdays from 1:00pm-3:30pm. Bilingual applicants are very encouraged to apply!

Daly City Partnership

KeywordsSchool-based, youth, families, community mental health

Encompass Community Services

KeywordsAdults, youth, community mental health

  • Website
  • Application Deadline: February 
  • Application Requirements: Resume, cover letter, references.
  • When do you accept/onboard new trainees? Fall (Aug/Sept) 
  • Best point of contact for inquiries: Inbal Yassur -
  • Additional Information: We have rich training opportunities and compassionate staff.

HealthRIGHT 360 - San Mateo County


  • Website:
  • Application Deadline
  • Application Requirements
  • Best point of contact for inquiries
  • Additional Information
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Process Therapy Institute

Note: Associates only

Keywords: Associateships only

  • Website
  • Application Deadline: when trainings are full
  • Application Requirements: Call, talk to us, come visit/observe, ask to enroll.
  • When do you accept/onboard trainees? Fall (Aug/Sept), Spring (Jan/Feb), Summer (May/June)
  • Best point of contact for inquiries: email to
  • Additional Information: Our program for pre-licensed clinicians is structured after a group private practice model. Many intern sites offer work to the young therapist—PTI is an all-encompassing training in the art and business of psychotherapy. Through exercises, groups, and classwork, PTI will teach how to intervene with clients, as well as how to be a therapist for them. We offer skills, both practical and theoretical, that will serve our therapists for their lifetime.

Shine a Light Counseling Center

Note: Interview originally recorded for 2021 Virtual Practicum Fair

KeywordsAdults, couples, youth

  • Website
  • Application Deadline: March 7
  • Application Requirements: Resume & cover letter indicating your location, and your preferred start date
  • When do you accept/onboard new trainees? Fall (Aug/Sept), possibly other times during the year
  • Best point of contact for inquiries: Tim Hartnett,