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The MCP Field Placement Office is proud to present the dates for the 2023 Practicum Fair from 1/17-1/24.

Timeline: Note all Live sessions will be held over Zoom. Links are posted next to offering dates and times. 

Tuesday January 17

12pm-1pm: Intro to Field Placement Info Session: Who we are, what we do and an introduction to the various resources we maintain to support your understanding of practicum placement at CIIS. Zoom Link
Intro to MCP Field Placement Slides

 Wednesday January 18

11am-12pm: Live Conversation and Q&A with Director Becky McGovern and Senior Manager Juliet Ernst: As administrators and clinicians, Becky and Juliet will offer some reflections and facilitate a Q&A on the practicum experience. Zoom Link

12pm-1pm: Live Resume and Interview Workshop: In this workshop we will go over best practices and things to keep in mind for the application process to practicum sites. We will engage in a long Q and A to answer your specific question as well. Zoom Link
Resume and Interview Workshop Slides

2pm-3pm: Live Applying to Practicum Info Session: In this session we will cover best practices, tips, forms and more for the application process. Zoom Link
Applying to practicum slides

Thursday January 19

12pm-1pm: Live Getting Started in Practicum Info Session: Congratulations! You have accepted a practicum placement- what now? This session will introduce students to the various BBS and CIIS forms needed to begin practicum. Zoom Link
Getting Started in Practicum Slides

Friday January 20

Live Meet and Greet Zoom Sessions with various Practicum Partners from 10am-5pm: Link to spreadsheet with Zoom links etc. Some of our amazing practicum partners have agreed to join CIIS students for live Zoom session meet and greets to help you get to know the individual sites. Each site has selected a 30min time slot and provided their own Zoom link. 

 Program Q&A's

Program Q&A's are intended to address program-specific questions related to practicum. These sessions are hosted live as a Q&A for students in the respective program. Bring your questions for your program and the MCP Field Placement Office: 

Monday January 23

12pm-1pm: Live ICP and MCP Field Placement Q & A: Zoom Link

4pm-5pm: Live EXA and MCP Field Placement Q & A: Zoom Link

 Tuesday January 24

12pm-1pm: Live SOM and MCP Field Placement Q & A: Zoom Link

2pm-3pm: Live CMH and MCP Field Placement Q & A: Zoom Link

4pm-5pm: Live PDT and MCP Field Placement Q & A: Zoom Link

This concludes the live events for our 2023 practicum Fair, but the site-specific interviews will remain up for one year. We hope you will join us for the 2023 Practicum Fair!

This event and the information stored digitally in this portion of the CIIS website is intended for the use of CIIS Master's in Counseling Students only. 

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