YMCA Urban Services Youth Services Bureau

Keywords: adolescents, young children, school-based
Website: https://www.ymcasf.org/youth-service-bureaus
Application Deadline: We accept applications on a rolling basis from January through May
Application Requirements: To apply for a Traineeship please submit cover letter and resume to: Traineeship Team at ysbtraining@ymcasf.org. A two part interview will be scheduled with the candidate and acceptances will be offered on a rolling basis until all slots are filled.
When do you accept/onboard new trainees? Fall (Aug/Sept), Acceptances are offered in spring for placements that start in August
Best point of contact for inquiries: Margaret Hitchcock, Director of Clinical Services, mhitchcock@ymcasf.org
Is there anything else you’d like prospective trainees to know? We believe it is critically important to provide quality training, supervision and experience for work in the field of youth and family services.  We help trainees learn the basic principles of working as a therapist or social worker, including legal and ethical issues, crisis intervention, counseling skills, clinical documentation, and making the most of supervision and training.  Trainees gain experience through direct client contact, weekly didactic trainings, and individual and group supervision, including in-depth case presentations.  Trainees will work in two to three different settings: clinic-based counseling, school-based services, group work, and intake/assessments. 
We are a clinical training center for Trainees and Interns working toward licensure in their professional fields of Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy and Professional Clinical Counseling.
We work in over 50 schools across San Mateo and San Francisco Counties providing on-site counseling and assessment; crisis intervention, on-campus violence prevention, and adolescent life skills/support groups.
We offer clinical counseling services in our three Youth Service Bureaus clinics in San Mateo County on a sliding fee scale and free to Medi-Cal and Victims of Crime (VOC) recipients.
We work as a therapeutic partner with the San Mateo Department of Probation providing diversion counseling for 1st-time juvenile offenders, alternatives to incarceration and re-entry programs for youth in the juvenile justice system.
Attachments: Traineeship Packet, Counseling Services Flyer, School Based Counseling Flyer, Community Resource Center Flyer 

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