UCSF CityWide Case Management

Keywords: adults, chronic/severe mental illness
Website: https://citywide.ucsf.edu/
Application Deadline: Application Period January - June 15th, 2022 (depends on availability)
Application Requirements: (1) Send Resume/Cover to Phillip.Cha@ucsf.edu and express intent to apply (2) Establish initial interview with Phillip Cha (coordinator of internship) (3) Participate in an interview with prospective supervisor.
When do you accept/onboard new trainees? Fall (Aug/Sept)
Best point of contact for inquiries: Phillip Cha, MFT (Coordinator of Internship) at Phillip.Cha@ucsf.edu
Is there anything else you’d like prospective trainees to know? Many of our interns who successfully complete their placement become high-priority candidates for full-time employment at Citywide.

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