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Marina Counseling Center Internship Program

Application deadline:

Our program accepts 4 to 5 new interns three times per year. We are currently accepting applications for our June/September 2021 cohorts. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Application requirements:

Visit the Marina Counseling Center Internship Program page for details.

Attachments: Learn more by viewing the Internship Flyer.

Learn more on the Marina Counseling Center Website.

Marina Counseling Center Internship Program Q&A

Tell us your name, your role, the name of your site/agency.

Travis Ben Robinson MFT, Co-Clinical Director, Marina Counseling Center.

Give us a brief overview of the site, the population served, its philosophy and mission.

The Marina Counseling Center is a sliding scale counseling center that serves a wide variety of populations in the bay area.  We are a full-fledged training center with over 25 practicum trainees, and associates. We primarily serve moderate to high functioning adult professionals and service people of all ages. We are a holistic healing center.

What are the typical duties of a trainee? In particular, what are they responsible for beyond client work?

We require our trainees to be available 20 hours per week, this includes a Monday training day between 9 AM and 4 PM. The training duties are to attend trainings, group supervision, individual supervision, a community service hour, a community check in, a three-hour phone shift, and eventually, at least eight client hours.

How does the client assessment and referral process work at your site?

We have a re-bust referral program through our center. We do an initial assessment to refer out psychosis and heavy addiction.

What can you tell us about a typical caseload for trainees?

Our trainees usually have between six and eight clients or perhaps even more if they want them.

How is supervision structured at your site?

We offer both group supervision and individual supervision.

How is training structured, and what kind of training is offered?

A weekly didactic training is offered. We focus on the clinical relationship, depth psychology, and somatic, trauma informed therapies.

In your experience, what attributes contribute most to a trainee’s success?

Our trainees are most successful when they lean into the community and are open to the learning that is offered in training and supervision.

In your experience, what have trainees found most challenging at your site?

We are an advanced practicum site with many levels of experience. We may offer a little less initial holding than other practicum sites.

Is there anything else you’d like potential trainees to know?

Due to Covid-19, we are currently remote, including the training days. This, of course, will be shifting in the Summer or Fall as the protocols change here in the Bay. We are also actively working on anti-racism as a center. 

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