Title card for the CIIS Integral Counseling Center at Pierce Street, training clinic for the Integral Counseling Psychology MA

CIIS Integral Counseling Center at Pierce Street

Note: Pierce Street ICC accepts practicum students from the CIIS Integral Counseling Psychology program (ICP/W) only.
Keywords: CIIS clinic
Website: https://www.ciis.edu/counseling-and-acupuncture-clinics/integral-counseling-center-at-pierce-street
Application Deadline: Varies by semester. ICP/ICPW students only.
Application Requirements: Must be an ICP/ICPW student approved for practicum. Applications, open houses, and interviews scheduled in parallel with all ICP clinics.
When do you accept/onboard new trainees? Fall (Aug/Sept), Spring (Jan/Feb), Summer (May/June)
Best point of contact for inquiries: Cecelia Garrison, Pierce Street Clinic Manager, cgarrison@ciis.edu
Is there anything else you’d like prospective trainees to know? Pierce Street ICC has been providing caring, professional, and affordable services to the greater SF Bay Area community for over 30 years. Must be an ICP/ICPW student to apply for practicum placement.

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