SOS Community Counseling

Keywords: adolescents, adults, families, school-based
Best point of contact for inquiries: Mikaela Zechlin, Clinical Director and Clinical Supervisor,


Tell us your name, your role, the name of your site/agency. 

Mikaela Zechlin, Clinical Director and Clinical Supervisor at SOS Community Counseling Center. 

Give us a brief overview of the site, the population served, its philosophy and mission. 

    Our mission is to help individuals, families, and youth be successful in all aspects of their lives, regardless of their ability to pay, while employing and training quality therapists as they gain hours towards MFT licensure. We provide excellent supervision and training, and work from a Feminist, Intersectional, and Social Justice-Oriented approach. 

    What are the typical duties of a trainee? In particular, what are they responsible for beyond client work? 

    Provide their therapy services, attend weekly individual and group supervision sessions, and attend twice monthly in-house trainings. 

    How does the client assessment and referral process work at your site? 

    It depends on the program that the trainee is placed with: we have the clinic, which functions most like a private practice setting, JDP, MST, and Team-Success, which is school-based counseling. 

    What can you tell us about a typical caseload for trainees? 

    Our hope and goal is to have you at 10 client sessions per week!

    How is supervision structured at your site? 

    Weekly. Conducted 100% via video chat right now, according to the teletherapy model. 

    How is training structured, and what kind of training is offered? 

    We proudly offer one trainee-specific and one all-staff training per month. The trainers are a mixture of in-house, and outside trainers. The trainee trainings are mandatory, while the all-staff are optional, but *highly* encouraged! 

    In your experience, what attributes contribute most to a trainee’s success? 

    Willingness to be honest and vulnerable, and reach out and speak their needs. Having high integrity, and a willingness to learn and collaborate with the team!

    In your experience, what have trainees found most challenging at your site? 

    This year, that would definitely be managing our own mental health needs while balancing the needs of our clients during a global pandemic. Managing learning crucial clinical skills all while performing teletherapy has been the biggest challenge by far.  

    Is there anything else you’d like potential trainees to know? 

    We look forward to getting to talk with you all, and learning more about you! SOS is known in this community for our excellence in training therapists. We'd be thrilled to have you!

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