Oakland International High School

Keywords: adolescents, multilingual, school-based
Website: https://www.oaklandinternational.org/
Application deadline: April 16
Application requirements: Please send a resume, cover letter and 2 reference letters, with at least one of those reference letters related to mental health work, to laiapedreno@gmail.com. Because trainee candidates haven't had any experience in the field yet, a reference letter related to mental health work can be from a volunteer service you participated in the past or are currently involved in, from a teacher in your program or from a job you have or had in which you were supporting people. My preference is that the reference letter is not from a therapist that is or was providing services to you. We encourage bilingual candidates. Once I receive your application, I will contact you to set up an interview. After that, I will let you know an approximate timeline of when I will let you know if we're offering you the position or not. 
Best point of contact for inquiries: Laia Pedreno Mateu, Supervisor, laiapedreno@gmail.com

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