July 28, 2015

Matthew T. Segall (PCC PhD, 2016) organized a track for the 10th International Whitehead Conference "Seizing an Alternative", focused on re-imagining the metaphysical foundations of late modernity. The track brought together 14 PCC affiliated professors and students over the course of three days to present and lead discussions at Pomona College in Southern California. The track was one of over 80 tracks at the conference, which organized top scholars from around the world to discuss new visions for a more ecological civilization. All core PCC faculty members presented their most recent research, included Rick Tarnas, Brian Swimme, Sean Kelly, Elizabeth Allison, and Robert McDermott. Along with track description and links to further discussions around this topic, videos of the presentations can be found below.

Track Description: “The discoveries of geological deep time and biological evolution that emerged during the 18th and 19th centuries dealt a death blow to 17th century substance dualism, forcing humanity to make a fateful ontological decision: either (1) re-imagine nature as ensouled or (2) re-imagine the human as a machine. This track will constructively critique late modern civilization’s choice of the latter option, reductive monism, contrasting it with the former option, especially as exemplified by Whitehead’s re-enchanted philosophy of organism.”

For more details on the track, check out Matt’s blog - Footnotes 2 Plato. Additionally, the Pando Populous website serves as a hub for those looking to get involved in the conversation.

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