Joshua Fields, Philosophy, Cosmology, Consciousness alum Joshua Fields, MA

MA Graduate
Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness

Joshua graduated from PCC in 2019. He is the former Executive Director of Consciousness Hacking, a global community in 50+ cities that focuses on the intersection of technology and human flourishing, and co-founder of the Awakened Futures conference on psychedelics, technology and meditation. He holds his undergraduate degree in Economics and Management from Oxford University, and is currently at Harvard in the Human Development program, where he is exploring the interplay between inner and outer change. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, acts as an advisor and board member to several profit and nonprofit companies, and in a past life was an FXEM analyst at Morgan Stanley in London. 

I stumbled across the PCC course while researching how I could further my interests in philosophy and consciousness. It seemed almost too good to be true. Every subject matter I had been exploring for years out of pure enjoyment had somehow been synthesised into a single, coherent offering. Aware that I might have been getting my hopes up too much, I entered the program with an open mind, almost half expecting it to not match my high expectations. But quite frankly, it did. And more. 
I was able to follow my academic curiosity in ways I’ve never experienced in mainstream establishments. I got the chance to dive into the Western tradition, write a manifesto about the need for an objective morality, explore the neuroscience of consciousness, and perform a live dialectic in front of class. The Professors were kind, engaging, and intellectual innovators. I honestly believe history will look back on them as some of the key thinkers who moved the needle towards planetary consciousness. 
The content offered is second-to-none, with a broad spectrum of choices from different timelines, traditions and ways of thinking. If you believe there is an existential need for the reintroduction of the sacred to our stories and our institutions, if you feel that the evolution of education is between domains, and if you want a community who share your sensibilities, then I’d recommend PCC in a heartbeat. I believe it is at the very leading-edge of culture, education and academia.

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