The Mission at Tenth inter-arts journal has been manifesting conversations that present and promote inter-arts since 2009. We provoke dialogue between and among artists by placing innovative work from many genres, forms, and disciplines in relationship to each other. 

Our Inter-Arts Journal celebrates the diversity and complexity of our home in the San Francisco Bay Area while also adding to the inter-arts by publishing emerging and established artists who blur boundaries and extend borders through their work.

We challenge our students to articulate their work and connect with communities through engaging across disciplines in a culture of inquiry.

Below is Mission at Tenth, volume 6. Visit our site for more issues.


Art & Survival: Working Through a Pandemic
First, presented as a series of live Zoom lectures and workshops for students, alums, and friends of the MFA Program in Interdisciplinary Arts at CIIS, we have re-created the experience with short talks and art-making prompts.

A podcast series with current MFA students and alumni, that invites you to step inside the artistic process.

Meaning Making 
A podcast about art making and the process of creating. The questions central to our lives are also core to our art, and inquiring into those questions advances the artist and the art.

MFA on Medium 

Our MFA program invites students, faculty, and alumni to publish on our Medium Blog

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