Program Requirements 

The Integral Counseling Psychology degree program was designed to include all of the educational requirements for a master's degree program* as mandated by the Board of Behavioral SciencesStudents who complete this program are eligible to apply for a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) license in the state of California. Students may also elect to take additional coursework to gain eligibility for the Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) license in California.

Integral Counseling Psychology is offered in two formats: 

Weekday Course Weekend Course
3 years 3 years
Full-time Full-time, 5 weekends per semester (Fri-Sun)
Starting August or January Starting August

Personal Psychotherapy Requirement 

All students are required to complete 50 hours of personal psychotherapy with a licensed mental health professional accomplished during their course of study.

Curriculum Highlights 

The Integral Counseling Psychology program curriculum integrates spiritual and multicultural perspectives with concrete psychotherapy practice. 

MCPI 5604 Group Dynamics and Facilitation (3.00 Units) This class has two main purposes: to study itself as a group and to learn about group psychotherapy facilitation. The first focus is on addressing increasing empathy and interpersonal sensitivity in a way that will help students develop their therapeutic skills in a group context. The second focus is on learning about different kinds of therapy groups and the different kinds of group facilitation skills necessary to lead such groups.

MCPI 5602 The Clinical Relationship (3.00 Units) The relationship between therapist and client is one of the central concerns of contemporary theories of therapeutic change. This course explores the relationship between therapist and client from the perspectives of contemporary psychoanalysis, humanism, and self-psychology. Provides various perspectives on transference and countertransference, and how to work with these dynamics in the clinical setting. 

MCPI 6603 Multicultural Counseling and the Family (3.00 Units) This course provides an overview of multicultural counseling through exploration of ethnic, social, and cultural mores and values of representative social groups and special populations. The content will focus on developing oneself as a student, therapist, and educator, who understands the complexity of human diversity—ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, socioeconomic class, and color. We will look at the limitations of current psychological models in addressing the particularities of our clients’ diverse familial and cultural backgrounds. Students will be asked to do mindfulness practices, inquiry, and dialogue to explore experiences and cultural backgrounds to help uncover their own beliefs, unconscious assumptions, projections, countertransference, fears, and biases. The instructor will help create a safe space and offer appropriate exercises and communication tools to encourage authentic exploration and dialogue of an emotionally charged topic.

Sample Course of Study - Weekday Program

Semester 1 | Fall

Group Dynamics and Facilitation

Therapeutic Communication


Human Development and the Family


Semester 2 | Spring

Family Dynamics

Clinical Relationship

Multicultural Counseling 

Semester 3 | Summer Gestalt Therapy 

Professional Ethics and Family Law


Semester 4 | Fall

Psychopathology and Psychological Assessment

Couples Counseling

Child Therapy

Alcohol and Chemical Dependency 


Semester 5 | Spring

Transpersonal or Integral Psychology


Community Mental Health 


Semester 6 | Summer


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Psychopharmacology and Human Sexuality


Semester 7 | Fall


Research Methods


Semester 8 | Spring


Integrative Seminar

Sample Course of Study - Weekend Program

Intensive 1  | Fall

Group Dynamics and Facilitation (2 units)

Therapeutic Communication (1 unit) 

Integral Philosophy, Meditation, and Yoga (1 unit)


Semester 1 | Fall

Group dynamics and Facilitation (1 unit)

Therapeutic Communication (2 units)

Human development (3 units)

Psychodynamics (2 units)

Semester 2 | Spring

Psychodynamics (1 unit)

Clinical relationship (3 units)

Multicultural Counseling (3 units)

Professional Ethics and Family Law (1 unit)

Applied Spirituality (1 unit)


Intensive 2 | Fall 

Gestalt Therapy (3 units)

Professional Ethics and Family Law (1 unit)


Semester 3 | Fall

Family Dynamics (3 units)

Psychopathology and Psychological Assessment (3 units)

Trauma (3 units)


Semester 4 | Spring

Couples Counseling (3 units)

Child Therapy (2 units)

Community Mental Health (2 units)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (1 unit)

Psychopharmacology and Human Sexuality (1 unit)

General Elective (1 unit)


Semester 5 | Fall

Transpersonal Psychotherapy (3 units)

Research Methods (3 units)

Practicum (2 units)


Semester 6 | Spring

Integrative Seminar (3 units)

Alcohol and Chemical Dependency (1 unit)

Practicum (2 units)

Semester 7 | Summer

Practicum (2 units)

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