William Sol

PhD Student
Integral and Transpersonal Psychology

University of Washington

Evergreen State College

Father, husband, lifelong inner peace seeking Washingtonian. Career spent in community mental health and the child welfare system. Recently I've had the unique experience of homeschooling my adopted children whom have varying degrees of special abilities and needs.  Practitioner of meditation and student of esoteric spirituality/psychology since my teens.  Interests include advances in psychotherapy through the application of Integral and Transpersonal psychology, Buddhist/Sufi/Yogic notions relating to thought, desire, habitual patterns, and consciousness as they relate to psychological functioning and Cognitive Behavioral Theory, the study of attention, perception, and meditative states, the use of psychedelic substances for psychological and personal growth, and the role of music in subjective experience. Looking forward to broadening this interest base within the program. I can often be found wandering the woodlands with my wife, six children, and Coonhound; if not, you may find me behind the guitar and synthesizer releasing music under the name Prana Crafter. 

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