Imtithal Mohammed

Ph.D. Student, ITP, CIIS
Integral and Transpersonal Psychology
School of Consciousness and Transformation

M.A., Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

B.E.S., York University, Toronto, Canada

Writer, researcher, and avid reader of anything related to the transpersonal field and the intersection between transpersonal psychology, literature, religion, and authentic spirituality. As a doctoral student, she hopes to bring forth her academic background in literature and personal background in Sufism to examine mystical/exceptional human experiences and states of consciousness mentioned in transpersonal psychology (specifically Jungian depth psychology). She received her Masters in Literatures of Modernity from Ryerson University and Bachelors in Environmental Studies at York University. During her studies, she developed an interest in ‘visionary' writers who explore human consciousness and its connection to nature/the universe at large. Her interests include analytical psychology, holistic therapy, meditation, health and fitness, mysticism and creative writing.

Her goal is to grow as a person and an academic and to pursue writing, research, and teaching. She enjoys hiking, and weightlifting. She lives in the Greater Toronto Area by Lake Ontario with her spouse, and two kids.

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