Photo of Felipe Landaeta Felipe Landaeta

School of Consciousness and Transformation

M.A., Adolfo Ibañez, Chile

B.A., Adolfo Ibañez, Chile

Felipe is a buddhist and a spiritual seeker who has a private practice as a psychologist in Santiago, Chile. He teaches courses on psychology, teamwork, positive psychology and wellbeing at the Adolfo Ibañez University. He holds a Master's Degree in Organizational Psychology (thesis in "High Performance Teams"), and works to bring meaning and spiritual understanding to the workplace and to the practice of leadership.

Felipe has been personally involved in the fields of Holotropic Breathwork and non-ordinary states of consciousness since 2004, and professionally since 2010. He runs monthly workshops on Holotropic Breathwork, and has worked with almost 1800 people over the years. His PhD Dissertation is a phenomenological exploration of the perceived impact of Holotropic Breathwork in a chilean sample. His other interests includes systemic constellations, coaching, the study of hapiness, and the intersection between wellbeing and the natural environment.

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