Elizabeth Stephens-Pande

PhD Student
Integral and Transpersonal Psychology

MS, San Jose State University

BA, Harvard University

I am very excited to join the ITP PhD program at CIIS.  I completed my first year of studies at Sofia University and am planning research on an energy healing modality called VortexHealing.  I presented a poster on this topic at The Science of Consciousness Conference, University of Arizona, in April 2016.  Prior to resuming my education, I worked in venture capital finance for several years and am a CPA.  Prior to getting sidetracked in finance, I studied Comparative Religion at Harvard ('98), with an emphasis on Hinduism and Buddhism.  My undergraduate thesis ("The Nature of Reality and the States of Consciousness in the Upanishads and Yoga Sutra") was supervised by Diana Eck, Director of the Pluralism Project at Harvard.  I was raised a fundamentalist Protestant, similar to Mennonite, in Missouri.  I'm a thyroid cancer survivor, a divorced mother of 2 daughters (Tara and Kira, ages 12 and 8), and a resident of Los Altos, CA.

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