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Students rehearsing for their capstone Self-Revelatory performances.

Our graduating students choose from among four capstone project options:

  • a self-revelatory performance
  • a publication quality research paper
  • a live therapeutic performance which the student has directed
  • a video documentary of clinical drama therapy work the student has facilitated over time
Maya Grodman - Self Revelatory Performance

Self-Revelatory Performance

In self-revelatory performance, the actor crafts an original theatre piece that explores, grapples with, and aspires towards healing a current life-challenge. Unlike autobiographical theatre, which focuses more on recounting life experience, self-revelatory performance involves real-time "working through" of psychological wounds. The actor uses drama therapy methods (such as portraying parts of the self) in creating the piece and within the performance itself. The immediacy and authenticity of self-rev performances makes them compelling and moving theatre that often strikes universal chords in audience members.

A majority of students choose the self-revelatory performance, and we are engaged in ongoing investigation into how this capstone option is meaningful and effective. We find that the self-revelatory performances in our program tend to be psychologically astute, poignant, aesthetic, and inspiring. They reflect the students' emerging skills in drama therapy; their integration of learning in the program; and the personal growth, perspective, and self-awareness they have acquired during their training in the program.

Read Renee Emunah's recent article: Self-Revelatory Performance: A Form of Drama Therapy and Theater

Pamela Greenburg - Self Revelatory Performance

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