CIIS President S. Brock Blomberg, PhD CIIS President S. Brock Blomberg, PhD

Dear CIIS Community,

I am humbled and honored to be writing this letter to you on my first day as President of CIIS. This community has built a University and culture that is reflective of your mission and core values. The individuals that I have spoken with tell a collective story about the need to continue to provide a transformative education and doing so through a commitment to serving individuals, communities, and the Earth. CIIS is a special place to be, and I’m grateful to have been given the opportunity to share my time with you.

Over the next several months, I have a lot of listening and learning to do. During this time, I’m going to ask for your patience and support as I begin my journey to officially get to know the University and each of you. There will be some challenges along the way, as we’ll be navigating together during pandemic times, but with your grace and support, we’ll arrive together.

Before I close, I want to say a few words about my predecessor, Judie Wexler. I am grateful for Judie’s service and leadership at CIIS over the past 19 years. She’s been instrumental in helping to shape the University into what it is today, and without her service, CIIS is an undoubtedly different place. We have been in touch over the past several weeks, and I wish Judie every happiness as she continues her life’s journey. 

In closing, I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to speak with me and provide background and insight. I am here because I believe in the mission of CIIS, and together I know we will continue to deliver an innovative and transformative educational experience. I look forward to meeting and collaborating with each of you.  

S. Brock Blomberg

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