California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) University President Judie WexlerAs we approach our fiftieth year as an institution of higher education, CIIS is recommitting itself to its mission of service to students, communities, and the Earth. This service is not only expressed in the rigorous and transformational education we provide, but also through our award-winning clinics and community projects, which provide low-cost psychological services and acupuncture to the Bay Area.

We are—and have always been—focused on offering an exciting and meaningful educational experience to our students. Our University's willingness to transcend disciplinary boundaries means that faculty and students can attend to complex questions of the day.

The inclusion of many ways of knowing in our curriculum allows our students to learn at multiple levels so they can synthesize and act on the knowledge they acquire. We are proud of our very high licensure exam results, but are not satisfied by exemplary test scores alone. We take students out of the classroom, into the wilderness to experientially understand ecopsychology and into Bay Area cities to work with the homeless, the recently incarcerated, the elderly, children, and other vulnerable populations.

We believe that higher education should contribute to the common good and are proud of our faculty, alumni, and students who carry on this commitment in a diversity of ways throughout the world.

The early impetus to create CIIS was to bring together Western and Asian thought; this was motivated by the belief that world peace depended upon achieving a greater global understanding. While we have broadened areas of study at CIIS, we continue to recognize greater global understanding as an essential and elusive goal. It requires all of us to challenge ourselves by breaking down preconceptions and questioning what we believe we know.

Integral education is fundamentally built upon a sense of wholeness. At a time when countries and communities are increasingly fragmented, we believe it is essential for our University to provide a counterbalance by moving past the fragmentation that is all too typical in higher education. In preparing students to contribute to the areas of psychology, philosophy, religion, social sciences, and the humanities, our University's Ph.D., Psy.D., MA, and BA Completion programs emphasize integration of learning through whole-person pedagogy, culminating seminars, and opportunities for creative connection between traditionally separated disciplines.   

I invite you to take a moment to further explore our website and learn about the education we offer at CIIS. I also hope you'll watch our YouTube channel so you can get a brief glimpse into CIIS. Even more, I hope you'll visit us and experience our remarkable faculty and students first hand.

Judie Wexler, PhD

President Wexler's 2021 Commencement Address

CIIS President Judie Wexler, on behalf of all CIIS faculty and staff, congratulates and honors the achievements of the class of 2021 during our virtual commencement ceremony.

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