• March 20-21, 2021
  • 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Online (Check-In Begins at 9:45 am U.S. Pacific)
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Our inner rage child has been silent, discarded, fearful, overlooked, and minimized for far too long. Rage is the lovechild of shame and trauma—historical trauma, historical grief, historical collective shame, and deeply repressed intergenerational conditioning. Rage is also an accumulation of anger that was born of the known and unknown traumas in childhood.  

If rage is an oppressed child, then it is our sacred work to do a deep dive into the psychological and spiritual practices that offer us relief, as well as gain an awareness of the trauma that has not been addressed. 

Since rage is born in the face of trauma, marginalized Queer, Black, Brown, and Indigenous bodies are frequently on the front line of this burden. Our land, our people, our ancestral lineage have given many of us the divine opportunity to address this demonization of rage. Rage simply wants to be seen, regarded, loved, and addressed. This is the time and the opening in our collective unconscious to do so. 

Join psychologist Dr. Jennifer Mullan, founder of Decolonizing Therapy for an experiential and interactive workshop on understanding, reclaiming, and healing our rage. Dr. Mullan guides participants through a mix of lecture, meditation, personal reflection, visualization, writing, and narrative therapeutic techniques to facilitate healing in a group shared format. Dr. Mullan also shares healing practices like somatic movement, Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping to guide the healing of ancestral and psychological grief, trauma, and shame. 
Learn to support the acknowledgment of rage as a sacred container. Discover how to recognize rage, your personal triggers, and set boundaries. Understand the connections between our sacred rage and the trauma of ancestral lineage.  
This workshop is open to anyone interested in exploring their personal or ancestral rage, grief, and trauma.

Jennifer Mullan

Dr. Jennifer Mullan (Pronouns: She/ Her) creates spaces for people and organizations to heal. She believes that it is essential to create dialogue to address how mental health is deeply affected by systemic inequities and the trauma of oppression, particularly the well-being of Queer Indigenous Black Brown People of Color (QIBPOC).  

Dr. Mullan has earned her Doctorate of Psychology (PsyD) in Clinical Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies; a Master’s in Counseling & Community Agencies from New York University’s Steinhardt School of Education; and her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Elementary Education, from New Jersey City University. She notes that her dissertation: Slavery and the Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma in Inner City African American Male Youth: From the Cotton Fields to the Concrete Jungle,” has been a primary foundation for her current work in furthering emotional wellness on a larger collective scale for communities of color.  
Dr. Mullan is currently a full-time Psychologist at New Jersey City University’s Counseling Center, facilitator for the campus LGBTQIA+ Support group, Coordinator of the University’s nationally recognized Peer Education program (Peers Educating Peers), Instructor for Graduate Counseling courses, and a proud LGBTQIA+ Gothic Knight Ally Safe Zone Trainer.  

She has almost 15 years of experience in clinical practice, higher education, teaching, and grant writing. She is passionately committed to solidarity work that effectively addresses inequities based on race, gender, class, ability, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Her professional research and clinical interests include complex and intergenerational trauma, group psychotherapy, LGBTQIA+ wellness, spirituality & mindfulness practices, racism as trauma, healing in therapeutic settings, self-love as a revolutionary act, and the process of decolonizing mental health.  

Social media has been a primary platform for Dr. Mullan’s current work in politicizing therapy and emotional health on a larger collective scale, with over 53K followers on Instagram. In 2019, she founded Decolonizing Therapy, LLC. They seek to create spaces to “call mental health professions IN” (rather than call people out). Dr. Mullan believes it is essential to ask mental health professionals to reassess their education, “whom they are serving? “and begin to question the relatability of the mental health industrial complex to the People they serve. It is her belief that we can tend to our emotional/ mental health AND hold systemic oppression accountable. You can frequently hear Dr. Mullan stating, “Everything is political!”  

Dr. Mullan also centralizes historical and intergenerational trauma, which she identifies as ancestral trauma, at the crux of decolonization work. Through the movement of Decolonizing Therapy, Dr. Mullan can be found providing international keynotes, holding Radicalizing Rage workshops, doing coaching sessions while un-training mental health professionals, providing ancestral healing sessions, or spending time with her Goddess cat, Isis.  

Whether on stage or through her writing, Dr. Mullan offers conscious, clear, and authentic dialogue that is a healing interchange of therapy, intersectional awareness, social justice work, and practical interventions that pave a path for her participants to carve out a purposeful life for themselves. She is passionate about helping people and movements define their own healing, and resistance to oppression. She loves cats, the ocean, brunch, dancing, and affirmation cards. 

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