• December 4, 2021
  • 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
  • Online (Check-In Begins at 9:45 am PST)
Add to Calendar 12/04/2021 10:00 am 12/04/2021 2:00 pm America/Los_Angeles Breathwork for Release and Flow into the New Year Join us for a live online workshop, "Breathwork for Release and Flow into the New Year" with breathwork expert Kathleen Booker, known as the “Jedi of Calm.” Online (Check-In Begins at 9:45 am PST) false MM/DD/YYYY

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Registration - $60
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Your breath is with you in the good times and the bad. Your breath takes you to the place within that knows peace, calm, freedom, and clarity. When the breath is not flowing, it can impact our ability to think and feel clearly.  

We can clear and cleanse our bodies, minds, spirits, and emotions of the muck and mire we unconsciously and consciously walk in and through with Conscious Connected Breathwork, a breathing technique in which the breather intentionally connects the inhale with the exhale without any pauses. By working with the breath to clear the blocks, we can move beyond the brain fog to help restore deeper sensations and flow through our daily lives. Bringing in more breath and flow can open us up to receive and give love.  

Join breathwork expert Kathleen Booker, known as the “Jedi of Calm,” for a transformational breathwork workshop for release and flow. Kathleen guides participants through breathwork practices to release what is no longer useful and open up to the energy of the new year and beyond. Kathleen safely shares how to release the collective consciousness energy of anger, rage, overwhelm, and anxiety that has knowingly and unknowingly taken up residence in your body.  
In this workshop participants learn breath science and techniques for support when life feels heavy. Learn how to keep your auric fields clear and cleansed of the collective consciousness debris. Discover rituals to define and call in what you want in 2022 and beyond.  

Kathleen invites you to breathe fully, relax from head to toe, and experience how your breath can increase your lifeforce.

Kathleen Booker headshot.

Kathleen Booker
 is an effervescent native New Yorker. Her energy is infectious. Kathleen is passionate about Conscious Connected Breathwork therapy and knows first-hand the energy, healing, peace, and joy it creates in one’s life. As a certified and insured Breathwork Coach, she has worked with many masters in the field of Conscious Connected Breathwork therapy. For over 10+ years, Kathleen has used her Breath coaching and intuitive skills to support individuals in clearly identifying areas in need of growth, healing, and focused goal creation. Kathleen’s instinctive sense of what will motivate and empower her clients is the impetus for their transformation.  

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