Jennifer Mullan headshot. Jennifer has long, braided hair and has her arm resting on a pile of colorfully-covered books. Jennifer Mullan, PhD

Jennifer Mullan, PhD, (she/her) is the CEO of Decolonizing Therapy ™ LLC & is trained as a Clinical Psychologist, and is a published author.

Affectionately nicknamed “the Rage Doctor” by peers and clients, Dr. Jennifer Mullan (she/her) is trained as a Clinical Psychologist, and is a published author. She currently serves communities as a Consultant for behavioral and mental health organizations and schools, Ancestral wound worker, and CEO and founder of Decolonizing Therapy, LLC. Dr. Mullan seeks to unpack the oppressive legacy of modern mental health practices, and reconnect practitioners and clients to the roots of our wounding and healing within a sociopolitical lens, most particularly for Queer Indigenous Black Brown People of Color (QIBPOC). She has been featured in Allure, GQ, The Today Show, Cosmopolitan, The Calgary Journal, and was selected by ESSENCE Magazine to receive the 2020 Essential Hero Award, in the category of Mental Health. 

Dr. Mullan believes that un-learning and embodiment are essential components in addressing the profound effects of systemic inequities, historical, and intergenerational trauma on people’s mental health. Through Decolonizing Therapy’s™ “Politicizing Your Practice” series, intensive Immersions, interactive workshops, keynotes, and healing retreats, she seeks to create containers of liberated, decolonial praxis. Dr. Mullan helps people return Home to themselves, their lineages, their Peoples Indigenous ways of healing, and lights the fire towards collective action.

As a vital element of her current practice, Dr. Mullan believes it’s essential for mental health professionals to question the relatability of the mental health industrial complex—ultimately, to reassess their education and “whom they are serving?” To further advance this work, Dr. Mullan founded Decolonizing Therapy, LLC in 2018, and since, has built a significant social media platform, including 159,000 Instagram followers, and growing. 

For more than 12 years, Dr. Mullan had the honor of serving the Jersey City, New Jersey community as a staff psychologist at a University Counseling Center. Additionally, she co-created and co-facilitated the University’s first LGBTQIA+ support group, and was a counseling graduate instructor for both Multicultural Counseling and Group Process classes. Dr. Mullan’s absolute pride during her time at the University held the position of Coordinator of the Peers Educating Peers (PEP) program, where she led weekly group therapy, semester retreats, grant management, and supportive student advisement sessions that were the foundations for the frame of Decolonizing Therapy ™ today. 

Dr. Mullan earned a Doctorate of Psychology (PsyD) in Clinical Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies; a Master’s degree (MA) in Counseling & Community Agencies from New York University’s Steinhardt School of Education; and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Psychology & Elementary Education from New Jersey City University.

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