Clinical Practicum

Applicable, clinical skills is the foundation of the Integral Counseling Psychology degree concentration which culminates in the year long practicum training. During their third-year, students practice their clinical skills by working directly with clients under the supervision of a licensed therapist. Practicum also provides students with the opportunity to constructively use supervision to seek input and feedback non-defensively, and learn to integrate feedback into clinical practice. 

Students are required to acrew 350 hours during practicum that can be applied to state licencing requirements. 

During the second year, our Practicum Placement Office(link) supports students in the process of researching, applying to, and securing placements at a practicum site that matches the student’s interests. While many students apply to the Integral Counseling Centers which are geared toward a private-practice model and offer training in depth psychotherapy, some students may be more drawn to a variety of other practicum formats including: schools, hospitals, hospice, community mental health, child/family, etc.

Our Field Placement office can help you find the right practicum site for you. 

Integral Counseling Centers

CIIS Integral Counseling Centers have been offering mind-body-spirit psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families in the Bay Area for more than 25 years. Our trainees and associates provide a safe and supportive setting for clients to explore a wide range of life issues.

The three Integral Counseling Centers are conveniently located throughout San Francisco and are staffed by graduate students and postgraduate associates. As a student of the Integral Counseling Psychology program, you may choose to do your practicum at one of the clinics.

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