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CIIS Students Write for Huffington Post Religion

Ecology, Spirituality, and Religion Ph.D. students Laura Reddick and Kimberly Carfore invited to write for Huffington Post

July 19, 2016

Two current students in the Ecology, Spirituality, and Religion Ph.D. program at CIIS were invited to blog for Huffington Post Religion.

Laura Reddick, whose work focuses on the evolution of consciousness and a phenomenology of trees, published her first article titled, Why I Don't Like The Word Nature.

Kimberly Carfore, whose doctoral research is on ecofeminist theology and the ecological crisis, published her first piece titled, How Religion Might Influence Rape Culture.

Both students have explored these topics during their coursework at CIIS through engagement with material and through exploring research on their own in their final papers.

Their education at CIIS in the Ecology, Spirituality, and Religion Program is a valuable component to their personal and professional development. CIIS makes it a priority to help students find their unique voices and express them through an academic and creative platform.

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