Charlotte María Sáenz,  Ed.M., MFA Charlotte María Sáenz

Senior Lecturer
School of Undergraduate Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies

MFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

EdM, Harvard University

Charlotte María Sáenz has 20 years experience working globally in schools, streets, universities, refugee camps, autonomous zones and traveling programs. She collaborates with other social change makers to disrupt dominant narratives, expand perspectives, produce collective knowledge and connect people to new social action.

In San Francisco, where she has been teaching Interdisciplinary Studies at CIIS since 2007, she’s also led media and education projects for organizations like the Asian Art Museum, Other Worlds, World Savvy, and is a founding member of the Center for Art and Social Justice.

In her native Mexico, she collaborates with Universidad de la Tierra Chiapas, every year bringing various student and faculty groups to the Indigenous Center for Integral Learning (CIDECI). She works on building transnational local solidarity through popular co-education initiatives between farmers, activist scholars and organizers in Zapatista, Basque and Palestinian territories.

In previous years, she taught for several years on World Learning's program "Beyond Globalization" which traveled to Tanzania, India, New Zealand and Mexico investigating diverse indigenous knowledges. She also lived and worked for several years throughout Lebanon with the Arab Resource Center for Popular Arts and at Brummana High School. Formerly based in Chicago for ten years, she there co-directed Street-Level Youth Media, while serving on the board of Women in the Director's Chair, which for over 25 years put on the largest and longest-running women/girls/queer and transgender film festival.

Among her interests are Critical and Libratory Education, Food Sovereignty and Food Justice, Indigenous Community Feminisms, Global Social Movements, Creative Social Practices and Experimental Film. Her writings have been published in The Nation, Foreign Policy in Focus, Truthout, Upside Down Latin American Politics Review, NACLA, IPS News, Z-Magazine, the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest and forthcoming in the journal LÁPIZ.

She received a Masters in International Education for Social and Political Change at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is a member of the global Learning Societies and the International Organization for a Participatory Society.

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