Sophie Bigalke Sophie Bigalke

Every experience throughout our lives impacts our whole being. These experiences affect our body, our nervous system, and how we relate to the world. I believe in honoring our body’s innate wisdom and supporting and welcoming all our parts into the room. I believe in the power of leading with listening so you can be seen and heard with compassion and curiosity. All too often we go through life without ever truly being seen. I offer a non-judgmental relational space in which to be witnessed.

As someone with chronic pain, I have worked hard to re-learn my body, and in doing so have emerged re-embodied. My experience has given me an even deeper appreciation for the wisdom that the body holds and the healing powers we have within us. I am here to support you as we cultivate spaces to use play, humor, and creative expression to explore your story and embodied experience. Some of the theoretical orientations I draw from are Sensorimotor, Hakomi, relational, and polyvagal theory.