Sarah Brinkman

Therapy supports the continual process of coming home to the heart.  

As we work together, we create moments guided by safety and trust, honoring the pacing that’s needed to explore what longs to be felt, just below the surface. By gently bringing our attention back to the body and trusting in the process, we can see what wisdom chooses to unfold, moment by moment.  

Maybe you’re feeling stuck and looking for a sense of direction. Perhaps you’re wanting to work through old patterns and self-limiting beliefs. Maybe you’re looking for the tools to help strengthen your ability to sit with uncomfortable feelings. Or are wanting to experience greater acceptance of who you are—and who you are becoming. Whatever it is, restoring one’s connection to self and body is essential for supporting these goals and assisting in your own healing transformation.  

My particular approach is compassionate and warm, friendly and inquisitive. I draw inspiration from methodologies such as: Hakomi Mindfulness, Internal Family Systems, Sensory Awareness, Relational Therapy, Ecopsychology and Attachment Theory.