Reginald Generoso

Therapy is simply the providing of conditions where healing can take place.  Each of us has an inherent wisdom that guides us towards what is essentially whole and integrated.  My style is deeply informed by this philosophy.  Cultivating awareness around how we orient to our lives mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually can provide both the means and space needed to show up in our lives with more clarity and capacity. 

My approach is warm and relational and is influenced by Hakomi, liberation psychology, indigenous methodologies, psychodynamics, and also Eastern philosophies and practices.  I have lived experiences with disability and chronic illness.  I also hold extensive histories in the street dance, social justice, and mindfulness communities.  This mixture of experience enables me to assist with fostering self-resourcing, agency, and empowerment so as to allow clearer navigation of life, relationships, and the world.

Lastly, I identify as a cisgender heterosexual male of Filipino-American descent.