Rachel Mauricio, Trainee at the Center for Somatic Psychotherapy at California Institute of Integral Studies, CIIS Rachel Mauricio

I believe Somatic Psychotherapy to be a practice that invites you into soulful states of wholeness by connecting you to the language of your body. This is the sacred work of becoming and belonging to your Self.

My approach as a Somatic Psychotherapy trainee is defined by compassionate listening, existential curiosity, and trauma-informed breathwork.

Polyvagal theories of regulation, parts work, attachment theory, liberation and ecopsychology are the therapeutic perspectives that ground me.

Francis Weller’s “Five Gates of Grief”, Gloria Anzaldúa’s liminal path of nepantla, Octavia Butler’s vision of God as Change, dreaming, and being in or near the Ocean are my guiding lights through the grief and identity work that I am called to do, especially with my BIPOC community.