Ni Zhang Headshot Ni Zhang

I believe healing work is very important in the journey of self-development and self-potential exploration. This journey can be fun and pleasantly surprising. You will see yourself walking on a path full of creativity, opportunity, and curiosity. Healing work reconnects us with our true nature to create wisdom. You may see yourself gaining the ability to be flexible, joyful, and delighted from the challenges of life. This can be the most exciting and meaningful self-experience you could ever have on earth.

My approach is gentle, spiritual, and relational and is influenced by movement psychotherapy, humanistic psychology, indigenous methodologies, Jung’s dream interventions and Buddhist philosophy and practices. I hold certifications in Drama Therapy and Dance Movement.  I encourage my clients to dance, sing and meditate in nature to support their self-care.

My therapeutic process involves consideration of collective/transgenerational trauma, systemic oppression, and social justice and I work with different layers including body, emotions, sensations, energy, and spirituality. 

I value justice and equality and I feel honored to serve the immigrant community and the women’s community.  I am bilingual in Mandarin.