Morrighan MacGillivray

Something I’ve learned from my own psychotherapy experience is that we don’t (or shouldn’t) have to bear life’s burdens or heal ourselves alone. I believe that we grieve, heal, and grow best in connection with others, with nature, with creativity, and with resources inside, between, and beyond us. 

While there is much that needs to be healed collectively, systemically, and ecologically, therapy can offer support and witnessing when we’re struggling, suffering, healing, grieving, seeking change, meaning or clarity, or a safe space to move into greater self-knowing.

I believe each human holds inherent wisdom and beauty, rich complexity, and under favorable conditions, the capacity to thrive. It is my honor to contribute to those favorable conditions. My approach is gentle, warm, receptive and collaborative.

I have an affinity for the non-verbal realms of movement, sensation, and image, informed by my background in dance, somatics, and expressive arts. The modalities and theories I currently draw from include: Internal Family Systems, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, interpersonal neurobiology, trauma frameworks, and mindfulness approaches.