Melissa Weik

The body often illuminates our path to healing, if only we are given the space and time to quietly listen. It is my belief that we all possess the basic need and innate desire to be understood, heard, and seen for who we truly are. By sitting with another person in a therapeutic setting, we grant ourselves the opportunity to attune to those needs, desires, and dreams of returning home to ourselves. 

My approach is playful and creative in nature as I believe our inner children are always with us, no matter how distant or wounded. By providing a loving, nurturing, and trauma-informed environment, we together can co-create a safe place for your whole self to exist and thrive while reclaiming the parts that have been left behind. I am guided by Hakomi principles, attachment theory, sensorimotor and relational psychotherapies as well as ancestral/intergenerational healing practices.  I also have a background in the performing arts.

“All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was.” - Toni Morrison